Our Mission and Vision

Our identity and our direction as a church and as individual followers of Jesus all begins with understanding Why We Exist (our Mission Statement) and Where We are Going (Our Vision Statement).

Mission StatementGlorify God, Equip Believers and Make Disciples
Mission Statement
Glorify God, Equip Believers and Make Disciples

If you are long to be part of something bigger- something with eternal impact, we invite you to come check us out. You will find an inviting church body that is eager to welcome others to join us in our journey to making Jesus famous in all the world!

Vision Statement
We will glorify God when:

The Lost are Found

Disciples are Made

Believers are Equipped

Lives are Transformed

Families are Nurtured

People are Loved

Our World is Engaged

This is a verbal picture of the kind of church we are pursuing. In our vision statement you might notice that it loosely follows a person’s journey from an initial encounter with Jesus and follows his/her growth and development to becoming a fully engaged follower of Jesus. We will walk with people through their faith journey, helping them learn what a mature follower of Jesus looks like and how to engage our world in the name of Jesus.

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